Dr. Fox taught me about the cause of my problems. I now feel and function so much better.

I was about to get back surgery …..Then they recommend me Dr Fox .Just To start the staff are super nice and get involved with your treatment right away .
Dr Fox explained me and walk me thru my entire back problem. Felt better the minute I walked out the office .
Dr Fox and his staff are amazing !!! My family and I are truly thankful with you guys !!!!

Dr. Fox is hands down the best chiropractor I have ever gone to. After years of active living and 25 years of martial arts training, I thought it would best to find a Chiropractor who could holistically approach my unique needs.
I sit behind a desk on a computer for long hours during the day running the admin side of my business, followed by a couple hours every day in the gym along with evening hours of martial arts classes and as most people do with that kind of work, I started developing lower back, and neck pain. I explained the issue to Dr. Fox, who performed an adjustment during my second session while at the same time offering up helpful stretching and exercise routines to be used in conjunction with the work he’s doing.
D.K.D. Part 1

You can tell from the pressure he applies with each adjustment that he understands his craft well, and the limitations of each patient. I have set up a correctional plan for some of the major issues I am suffering from, and I plan on going to Optimal Spine & Health Chiropractic Center as long as I need to. I would also recommend a professional massage at their practice from time to time before an adjustment. It prepares the body well for chiropractic work.
Dr. Fox was also able to work with my Health Insurance and eliminate any worries I had about getting the level of care that I need. This was very important to me. I should also mention that the staff is fantastic, pleasant and always helpful.
There is a reason that Optimal Spine & Health Center has a five star rating. I’m very pleased with my overall experience with this practice and feel their five star rating is well-deserved.
D.K.D. Part 2

Hi this is my favorite place to be. Give Dr. Fox a try you will be happy you came

Fantastic! Good help! They supplied a back brace for me and with the adjustments I feel amazing!

I started going to Dr. Fox in the late fall 2014 because I had terrible back pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I was not sure the cause of my pain, but it was likely stress related. I couldn’t even take deep breaths without my back hurting. It kept me from doing all of the things I love, and it drained my energy. After getting regular adjustments, physical therapy and massages at the office I quickly felt much better. My range of motion improved dramatically after only a couple of weeks.
I was skeptical at first, because I didn’t really know about chiropractic care, but Dr. Fox made a point to thoroughly explain what the treatment would be and how it would help me with my specific situation.
Now I go about once a month because it makes me feel better. I don’t have pain anymore and I feel like a completely different person than I did last fall. I would highly recommend Dr. Fox. The entire staff at Optimal make me feel welcome and cared for.

Dr Fox and Misty are awesome. I was being treated by Dr Fox after my car accident for several years. Dr Fox takes his time with you as a patient and explains everything to you and treats you with respect. He explains everything that he is going to do as well. Dr Fox is not the type to just get you “in and out” of the office like some doctors. Misty – OMG. If you have not had a back message I am telling you this is a must have. Misty is very good at her job. I also suffer from migraines and Misty has helped me along the way with that as well and has given me feedback with oils to use. Unfortunately, we had to move to CA so I had to stop my treatment with Dr. Fox. I am pleased to announce that we returned to AZ and I will be returning to see Dr. Fox and Misty. That is the first appointment that I will be making once I hit AZ 🙂

I was very please with the treatment my wife and received, after getting the right and correct treatment we felt very good and are going to be back this year to keep our health in good stand. Doctor Kevin and his staff were very friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we kept up with our appointments. Having a Chiropractor that is very good at what he does makes a lot of difference. Thank you Doctor Kevin.

Dr. Fox is very professional and knowledgeable. I had a fantastic experience with him and his staff, and would highly recommend his practice to anyone in the gilbert area looking for a comprehensive treatment plan. As a student, he was even willing to reduce the price of treatment significantly to accommodate for my “college budget”.
Everyone in the office is friendly, and committed to making a positive impact on you and your experience.

My experience with Dr. Fox has been great. The whole team takes the time to actually get to know their patients! Everyone is extremely friendly and it’s a comfortable environment. I went in for migraines and they are gone! Of course, we discovered some other problems but everyone is definitely working to help me overcome those problems!

Great Chiropractor! I was new to the area and I dislocated my shoulder. I was in a lot of pain. I needed fast relieve and after just the first adjustment I had a dramatic reduction in pain. I went a total of three times and I am pretty much back to normal now and the pain is gone. Over the years I have been to allot of different Chiropractors in the past from auto accident injuries; and he’s the best I have come across yet. Thanks!

Dr. Fox is a really nice person. As a college student, funds are low and he worked with me to help with that. He knows what he’s doing too. There’s also a physician, two massage therapists who work there, and a physical therapy room, so all the bases are covered.

Great staff… very convienietly located near ASU Polytechnic. Easy to schedule with